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I Christmas benefit rummage sale at Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel

By on November 14th, 2018

Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center shows its caring side fighting against childhood HIV.

There´re smiles that are energy and those of the youngest, are an example of it. Impulses that turn even the problems, those that in front of them are capable of returning the gesture. Dates are approaching to put it into practice. Christmas and solidarity go hand in hand one more year.

Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center doesn’t miss the opportunity to help those who need it most. This time the establishment hosts its “I Christmas benefit rummage sale”, on December 15th – 16th, to raise funds for the research project on HIV / AIDS in children “That turn many more” carried out by the Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory of HIV (EpiMolVIH) of the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital. Because, sometimes, small gestures become something much bigger.

Christmas is a time to spend with the family, forget about routine and let yourself carried away by the festive spirit … but also are days to think about others, which doesn´t exempt you from doing it every day of the annual roulette. The social entities work all year to provide material and psychological help to the most vulnerable or those who need it most, but it´s on these dates when more people decide to contribute their bit. A step forward that, little by little, manages to build great castles.

Commitment, social responsibility and solidarity. There´re three concepts that add to the meaning of Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center. This year the establishment joins a daily fight and, sometimes, silent. The next December 15th and 16th will host the “I Christmas benefit rummage sale”, where you can enjoy a family atmosphere with stands, food and live music.

From now on and until December 3rd, anyone who wants to bring to the hotel those items that are probably kept at home without using (clothing, books, toys, crafts, household …) and that will become, with no doubt, in gifts with heart.

The establishment itself will be in charge of selling all these products with a clear objective: to donate the proceeds to the project that fights for the investigation of childhood AIDS and this year under the umbrella of their claim: ‘They turn many more” and that you can know more details on the website

I Christmas benefit rummage saleEvery day around 500 children are born with the HIV virus, half of whom will die before reaching the age of two if they don´t receive the appropriate treatment. Currently there´re 2 million children infected and there´re 110,000 deaths per year.

Laboratory of HIV (EpiMolVIH) investigates how to diagnose early and fight against pediatric AIDS, a process that requires molecular techniques that are complex and expensive and, moreover, that are not always available in the clitic routine of some countries.

The mission of this laboratory is to study the epidemic of child HIV in the world and help to promote the introduction of the most effective molecular techniques in countries with limited resources, directly helping clinicians. All this in order to detect the virus earlier, besides identifying, as soon as possible, those children in whom the therapy is failing before the clinical symptoms appear, informing their doctors of the drugs that don´t work.

You can also collaborate with the campaign through the research team: “Together for HIV research in children” where you can help with a periodic donation of only € 1 a month, helping make this project a reality getting to more children around the world.

Blowing each year a new candle, ask for a new wish, smile under a shower of happiness. Simple and complicated actions depending on which side we turn off the flame of that birthday. This commitment of Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center, belonging to the “Marriott Southern Spain Business Council”, together with the Epimon Foundation give, this Christmas, a step forward in order to one more will always be turned…

For more information: // Phone: 620843411

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I Christmas benefit rummage sale at Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel
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