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Diary of an unforgettable experience in Madrid | Part II

By on August 25th, 2017

“Welcome to Madrid. It´s 7:36pm local time and the temperature is 36º. We hope you enjoy your stay in the capital”.

We´re already here. After a few weeks of working hard at the office trying to end all the pending projects, the day has finally come. That day which, could be easily named as the happiest of the year because you leave your head clean of negative vibrations and your body get ready to smile and enjoy during several days in a row at the desired destiny.

The suitcase

It used to cost me more to make all the travel preparations. You know, decide what activities we´re going to do, what clothes I´m going to take in the suitcase, dress or shorts, comfortable or elegant shoes… But at this time everything has solved in one way: rescuing that big suitcase which my mum had given me for my last birthday turned out to be perfect to put all the clothes and forget to make decisions. The only thing I want is to enjoy so I don´t intend to get dizzy by this kind of minor issues… There was just one essential item, the bathing suit. We´d checked on the hotel website and they had a pool. Something which cannot be missed in our trips.


Madrid Airport

We´d never been in Madrid or the Airport before. We didn’t think that it was so big but it looks really modern with impressive structures. Lucky for us, the hotel had a free shuttle service so we only had to follow the signal in order to get to the bus stop.  Signals which will take us to begin our adventure in Spain´s capital. We´re really excited. As they´d confirmed us, it was very simple to reach the bus stop and without getting notice, we´re sitting in the shuttle with the nose glued to the window trying to discover the very first impressions about Madrid.

The hotel

Marriott Façade

10 minutes later, the driver welcomed us to the place where will be our home during the next week. After catching our luggage, we looked up and there it is at the main door. The “M” which we´re waiting for a very long time ago. And below it, a word in which we´d been put a lot of hope, Marriott.

It´ll continue…

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Diary of an unforgettable experience in Madrid | Part II
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