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30 minutes with… Manuel Rodriguez | Security Director

By on December 11th, 2018

How is your daily routine and what´re your functions?

I try to be here at very first time in the morning. The main goal is to avoid anything happens.

There´s no better news for me the days go by and everything flows correctly: that the events work, the client leaves happily and the feedback is positive, that they´ve felt comfortable and that there has been no kind of incident that has affected during the stay. There´re different accesses, exits, belongings, suitcases, rooms … With all these elements, everything is developing normally, it´s my great work.

I don´t have a schedule, it depends on the day, the time of an event, a cocktail. I´m lucky that there isn´t a routine job, there´re not two equal days. There´re events with 700 people and others that are two or three of 200 people. Each one has its schedules, combination of check ins and check outs…

Madrid Marriott security

How is the structure of the security department?

Here we´ve a security direction which I lead and a team of security guards in turn. I trust in them. We´ve a control center and from here we´ve a closed-circuit television where we supervise everything is happening in the hotel: rooms, corridors, rooms, entrances and exits.

When there´re events with an important attendance of people, the security is reinforced. There´re even occasions when the client requests a surveillance service of his own. We also get there.

How is the relationship inside the team?

Very good. The most important thing of security is the information, so communication between us is continuous. We´ve adapted to the new ways of communications achieving an exchange of data continuously through the mobile phone. In this way. We get that nothing is missing 24/7.

What are the keys to achieve a successfully security?

The professionalism of my team. I believe that you should dedicate yourself professionally to what you like. Responsibility is important but the motivation is inside you. Empathy is one of the keys, putting ourselves in the place of the other person, of the client. We´re lucky that we´re a great team and that we can always count on each other.

Before any type of client can enter, we have different meetings. So, we´re planning the next events.

Do the clients value the security actions of a hotel? Do they realize everything behind it? Does it go unnoticed?

People are aware of security things even more. Once they´re here, they know to whom they need to contact when they need help.

Security in a hotel

 An efficient security improves the quality of the hotel?

We must make ourselves aware that security is necessary and begins in ourselves. If I don’t think that the suitcase is mine, the laptop is mine, the wallet is mine, no matter how secure we try to set up in the hotel, it would never cover 100% security. If I know that I shouldn’t leave my belongings alone, that also means security.

If we´re all aware of this before coming, things become much easier. We must all collaborate on security issues.

Did you experience the change to Marriott?

I´ve been working here for four years so I was lucky. I´ve met two periods, from where we start and where we´re trying to getting.

I believe that we´re very focus on the goal: the desire of the client to come back. Do not settle for greeting, we always ask for them, what do they need, what do they want … Guests are always served whoever it is. That´s the policy of the house, people.

How would you define your experience in Marriott?

Personally enriching. Here you work with people, whether they´re clients you don’t know, or colleagues.

We´re lucky for having different departments with which we cover all the needs of clients. There´s always a solution, a concern that you try to mitigate. One of the things that took my attention when I started working here is that everyone collaborates, regardless of the department, everyone is on the same page.

The importance of the security

Define Madrid Marriott Auditorium in three words.

Cozy, professionalism and excellence.

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30 minutes with... Manuel Rodriguez | Security Director
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