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30 minutes with… Javier Sáez-Bravo Martínez | Kalma Restaurant Chef

By on October 18th, 2018

Javier Sáez-Bravo Martínez is a restless cook who is characterized by updating the classical kitchen, keeping and caring for the taste of the product. We know the hidden details of Kalma Restaurant together with its Chef.

How is your daily routine?

I get to the office, I take a look at the service orders, plus a blackboard where we organize the work: tables, type of menu; also, the specifications of the client, what they´re looking for and what they´ve asked us for. With this information, I organize my team and distribute tasks. We´ve several services: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and another Executive one, among others.

At what age did you start in the cuisine?

At 16 years old at the School of Hospitality in Madrid. I combined studies and work at the same time.

Interview Chef Marriott

A curiosity. When you´re cooking, what are you thinking about?

I´m thinking of the clients. It´s important to know the sensations that we´re going to share with the them. We work to make them happy, surprise and satisfy them. We often look for surprise, not just something tasty and healthy. That Wow effect that we look for in Marriott and Kalma Restaurant is achieved through the work of the front of house team and cuisine.

Madrid Marriott Auditorium is a hotel which always is thinking about clients and its guests. The Kalma Restaurant wouldn´t be less.

We adapt to the culinary needs of our clients: vegans, vegetarians with allergies and intolerances, and we create menus specifically for them. In the end, the goal is that every single person who visit the restaurant get to their homes satisfied and happy.

Achieving this is always complicated, especially in restoration. We, generally, only have one opportunity, for this reason, we need to be 100% every day; because if the client leaves unsatisfied he doesn´t come back and in the end that becomes into a bad opinion. We are on the same page trying to achieve the goals.

In this field you have to give everything and for that, you have to love it.

What the Restaurant has that the other one’s don´t have? What is the success key?

Both the cuisine and the front of house team are formed by professionals involved in achieving customer satisfaction. Up to here is a maxim that is distilled anywhere else. What is the difference? We try to personalize the service so that the client feels loved and cozy. We seek the quality of the product, most committed cooking, without leaving the tradition, but mixing it with the new cuisine: less fat, more modern results and local products.

Regarding the new menu that you already introduced these last days.

We have based on seasonal products: stews, mushrooms … Everything related to the new season. New hunting, fish, more modern products and the Mediterranean.

How is the department?

I have a very strong team which is committed to this house and this restaurant. They make a daily effort to be able to get to a good end. And especially that the client leaves the restaurant happy. I couldn´t do anything without my team. I always value them and count on them. What’s more, most of the decisions that are made here are made with your opinion in mind.

Mediterranean Chef Madrid

What is the most important thing which a dish needs to has?

Taste, correct cooking and beautiful. The dish needs to get our attention, and it also has to be good.

Personally. What has the Marriott experience meant for you?

Getting to the company, apart from how the facilities have change as well as the services. There is an important requirement regarding to quality control and our daily improvement.

In this daily improvement, we don´t accept what we have already done, we are always thinking about hoy to do it brilliantly.

How do you imagine the hotel in a few years?

The highest, at the top 1. We´re working daily in order to come true.

Define the hotel in three words

  1. Care to the client.
  2. Professionality.
  3. Take care of the detail.

Which is your favourite dish?

Love. This is what we transmit in every single plate. Satisfaction and love.

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30 minutes with… Javier Sáez-Bravo Martínez | Kalma Restaurant Chef
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