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30 minutes with… Carmen Martínez | Director of Human Resources

By on February 19th, 2019

How is your daily routine? What is your job?

Human Resources is a function of service and support to the General Management and the rest of the departments. Much of our daily work is aimed at working with the heads so that all areas have the associates they need, with the necessary knowledge and with the right attitude for day-to-day operations.

We have the doors open all day for any need that associates may have. This is independent of other planning functions, project start-ups and purely administrative procedures that affect the associates.

How do you organize? How is your relationship?

The relationship of my department with the rest of the hotel is very good. It´s very close, we accompany the associates during their experience at Marriott, as I said before we´re always available. They´re the meaning of our existence.

There´re very young people who have joined this project very recently being their first experience with hope and enthusiasm. There´re also associates who have been working for a long time, who have generated a trusting relationship with us. All this make relationships flow.

What the associates take away from the Madrid Marriott Auditorium are the relationships enjoyed, the feelings of belonging, the intensity of what has been done … An experience that is a master’s degree, as in what is learned and as the relationships of camaraderie that are established.

30 minutes with

How long have you been working at Marriott?

I´ve been working at the hotel since the end of 2002 and I´ve lived all kinds of experiences in this house. When I analyse it, the feeling is that I´ve gone through several companies. I´ve lived very different moments, from the opening of the hotel to the transformation to the international brand.

What was the most special moment you experienced at the hotel?

The opening was very special because it was a new project. All of us who were part of this were very excited. It was a moment in which, neither in Madrid, nor in Spain – it still doesn’t exist – there was a hotel with these characteristics.

Despite this, which was the most exciting experience for me, it´s been the change to the international brand. It´s been a lot of effort and we´re checking that the results are very good. We´re continually growing. On one hand, this gives us a special happiness. On the hand, it gives us a certain fear for the future, because when you´re up it´s more difficult to maintain yourself.

What is for you Marriott and more specifically Auditorium today?

Marriott Auditorium for me is a lever that drives me, it keeps me very active in my work. Participate in a company that organizes the events which hold here, check how the resources are put in place and coordinate, it’s a luck. I feel very proud to be part of this team and share these experiences.

On the other hand, Marriott continually looks to the future, what can I do? What can I give different that the rest doesn’t have? All this in order to keep us on top of the list. This impulse keeps us all alert.

Director Human Resources

What´s the difference between this hotel and other establishments of the same style?

We all have facilities and resources. You can take advance of the other ones, with tools or services, but in two days, it will be implemented in other places. In the end, the difference is always in the team. The relationship and collaboration between the different departments is very good; a climate is generated that makes it easier for the guest to feel comfortable.

It´s a very complicated hotel because it has a stable staff that doubles on certain days. The external collaborator, for us is one more, they´re proud to be in this work; with the same smile to the client, the same treatment … We´re people whose job is to make others feel at home.

How would you like to see the hotel in a few years?

Although more technological, with some associates dedicated to fall in love and surprise our client. Human warmth will be, even more, the key to differentiation, we´ll have humans with resources for the client’s experience.

Interview Carmen Martínez Marriott

Your favourite corner of the hotel …

The Greatroom. Because of its design, colours and lines. I especially love the decorative metal tree; the charm produces itself in that scenario.

Madrid Marriott Auditorium in three words

Personalization, predisposition and hope.

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30 minutes with... Carmen Martínez | Director of Human Resources
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